Restoration Process

With over two decades restoring only steering wheels, Gary has carefully selected and uses the finest materials available. He has developed and perfected a process that imparts exceptional durability, excellent color coverage, and extremely high chip- and chemical resistance to each steering wheel. Each wheel receives the same painstaking care described below in his six-step refurbishing process.

  1. All cracks are first fixed with an acrylic plastic and then the wheel is hand-sanded to its original shape and inspected.
  2. Next, the wheel receives three coats of a primer surface sealer. It is again inspected for any nicks or scratches, and receives a second hand-sanding.
  3. The wheel then receives four coats of sealer for color holdout.
  4. Next, the wheel receives four coats of acrylic urethane to restore the original color or to give it the color of your choice.
  5. After eight hours, the wheel is color-sanded and then dried for a minimum of five days.
  6. The wheel is then hand-buffed and polished. Following that step, it is packed for shipping and returned to you by UPS.

Special Note: For wood grain wheels, the cracks are repaired, regrained, colortoned, and then finished with three coats of clear urethane.

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